Immigration Evaluations

Inma writes psychological evaluations for immigration purposes and is knowledgeable of the Istanbul Protocol, a manual on the effective investigation and documentation of torture, and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

She completed the training on Medical and Psychological Evaluation and Documentation of Torture at Georgetown University School of Medicine with the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) and their affiliation with TASSC (Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition). She was mentored by attorneys from Georgetown University School of Law. 

The overall goal of the psychological evaluation is to assess the degree of consistency between an individual’s account of abuse and the psychological findings observed during the evaluation. To this end, the evaluation includes a detailed description of the individual’s history, a mental status examination, medical and psychiatric history, an assessment of social functioning and the formulation of clinical impressions and recommendations. A psychiatric diagnosis is made, if appropriate.

The immigration court proceedings that usually require a psychological evaluation include asylum, U visa, T visa, VAWA, cancellation of removal, and I-601 Waiver.  

Inma can conduct the interviews in English and Spanish and does not need an interpreter when working with Hispanic clients. She takes into account the country of origin, the culture, and the political climate where the abuse took place as she writes these evaluations. To reduce the effects of retraumatization, Inma communicates a sense of understanding of the individual’s experience and cultural background. She will also provide a list of community resources and referrals as needed to ensure that clients receive the follow up support they need. 

Inma can complete psychological evaluations within 7-10 days from the initial interview, which usually lasts 3-4 hours. Evaluations can be done in person or via secure teleconference call. 

How to prepare for the evaluation:

  • You must bring a photo ID and previous medical reports if available.

  • Be ready to meet for 3-4 hours or to schedule several meetings. 

  • You can bring snacks and water. 

  • We will have several breaks during the interview and as often as needed to make sure you feel comfortable during the process. 

  • We will schedule a follow up phone call if some details are not clear or the information is not available the day of the interview. 

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