Clinical Supervision

Inma has extensive experience providing supervision to social workers, counselors, play therapists, marriage and family therapists, parent educators, and case managers. She currently provides individual clinical supervision and play therapy supervision. She is licensed in Washington, DC, and Maryland.  

As with therapy, Inma’s approach to supervision is rooted in the quality of the supervisory relationship. This includes not only an agreement on goals and emotional bonding, but also a big emphasis on safety, trust, diversity, and culture. Inma provides thorough, honest, and helpful feedback, and uses videotaping and discussion of sessions as assessment methods and ways to give appropriate feedback.

Inma emphasizes the importance of collaborative supervisory relationships in which she appreciates learning from her supervisees while instilling knowledge and skills. She integrates techniques and interventions with theory, paying attention to counter-transference and transference issues. The main theories that inform her practice include psychodynamic theory, attachment, social learning, and cognitive-behavioral theories.

Inma is a board approved registered supervisor in the state of Maryland and can supervise those clinicians working towards their MD license. Additionally, as a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, Inma has received extensive training in expressive therapies (play therapy, sand tray therapy, and art therapy), and provides high quality play therapy supervision to those that are working towards their RPT credential (Registered Play Therapist), current RPT’s, and other RPT-S that benefit from case consultations. She also assists clinicians in setting up their play therapy rooms.

Please contact Inma for additional information on what to expect, testimonials, and fees.


Inma specializes in adult psychotherapy as well as family therapy. She currently provides individual, group, and family therapy. Inma also offers emotional support and consultations for parents who wish to address any worries, struggles or concerns they are experiencing as parents, or to work on their parenting skills and their relationship with their children. Therapy can be done in English or Spanish. 


Inma’s focus areas include:

  • Healthy relationships

  • Trauma

  • Grief and loss

  • Anxiety and stress

  • ADHD

  • Life transitions (acculturation, divorce, loss of a loved one, blended families, and family reunification)

  • Obsessive-compulsive behaviors

  • Low self-esteem and depression

  • Disruptive behavior in children


Video-Based telehealth counseling for families and adults:

Please note that all sessions are currently done via tele-mental health due to COVID-19. Inma uses WebEx and Doxy to conduct her sessions. These are free communications platforms that allow for confidential video conferencing and that are HIPPA compliant. Most insurance companies are able to reimburse for online therapy. 


Modalities currently offered:

  • Adult psychotherapy: Individual sessions and Groups​

  • Therapy for children 2-13 years old

  • Family therapy: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Theraplay, and Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

  • Behavioral support, and check-in’s with parents 

What to expect:

If you are considering therapy for your child, family, or for yourself, here is a summary of the process and what to expect:

  1. A free consultation phone call to discuss current needs and determine if we are a good fit for each other 

  2. Completion of consent forms (via email)

  3. Assessment interview 

  4. Recommendations and plan moving forward.

Please contact Inma Iglesias for additional information, fees and how to prepare for the first appointment.